Sam Davies

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‘Kintsugi House’

Kintsugi is the practice of mending broken ceramic with veins of cold, using breakages to increase their rarity and value. A series of speculative Kintsugi architectural repair strategies are played out in a traditional grocery store in Tokyo. They respond to the aggressive threat of the Tokyo housing market alongside everyday mishaps.

‘NDL Tsundoku’.

An extension to the National Library of Japan to deal with the pressures of digitisation. The project frames and architecturally exaggerates the inefficiency of the digitisation process into a celebratory procession. Taking cues from cultural Japanese case studies, the project looks towards architecture that accepts its own eventual redundancy. Through scale model tests, a scheme of designed demolition is devised; a transient flurry of analogue activity that accentuates the physical at the outset of the digital age.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2015-16