Priscilla Wong

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The Hungry Hippodrome

The Navy Yard is undergoing a major regeneration programme, and as part of the scheme, is a proposal to replace the currently derelict Admiral’s Row with a conventional supermarket. The Hungry Hippodrome is a counter proposal for a supermarket on a different site in Navy Yard. It proposes a new typology of food retail, which celebrates the lost elements of food retail and consumption. The Hungry Hippodrome challenges the sterility of the modern day supermarket, and allows for consumer transparency by housing some of the food processes on-site.

Where every supermarket is designed with efficiency and profit margins in mind, The Hungry Hippodrome compromises efficiency for a heightened food retail experience. The spectacular and monumental value is within the dynamic architecture – as the fleeting monument is the most monumental of all. The moment of entrance is designed to encourage a sense of exploration and wonder. The initial view is a collage, representing the tactility of food, once so prominent, but now buried by packaging.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2014-15