Niki-Marie Jansson

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The Fermilab Interface: People Collider.

As a publicly funded institution, Fermilab relies on being conspicuous to remain significant for Federal funding. Sited outside of Chicago, its public outreach is limited despite the huge budgets its advanced scientific and medical research require. The project proposes that a new museum, exhibiting the work and research of Fermilab, would become part of the archipelago of museums and institutes that spread across Chicago’s millennium park. Conceived as a ‘People Collider’ the building circulates people through spaces in a manner physically tracing the paths and intersections of a particle.

Resembling a hadron collider enlarged to an even greater scale, the building competes with the starchitecture of the surrounding park through its resemblance to an oversized piece of scientific machinery, becoming a symbolic beacon for the expertise that often appears just out of the public’s gaze, bringing Chicago’s physics heritage, as home to the first nuclear reaction, into the heart of the city’s museum district.

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