Nick Masterton

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The Curious Case of Arthur K

Tracing an architecture of paranoid parametricism through the suspicious mind of a rogue architect obsessed by Mount Pleasant sorting office. The architect builds his own obsession into his apartment block directed by data gleaned from site visits, covert photography and sending tracking devices into the postal system.

Neon Spa

Using manipulations of neon and natural light to help alter the circadian rhythms of Las Vegas’ overworked service staff. By focussing on delivering light from certain angles, and through a controlled circulation, the architecture allows patrons to have a “blast” of light therapy, along with a carefully controlled strategy of heat delivery through the structure to promote wakefulness.  The result of these manipulations is a building that at once subverts the nature of Las Vegas as artificial lightscape, while producing an original architectural approach that would not look out of place on the Strip itself.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2010-11