Nick Elias

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New England, Lanzarote

The proposal addresses existing water problems in Lanzarote and the gluttonous nature of the British tourist. A bowling green complex caters for the another group of British ‘tourists’ that the Canarians rarely see, the elderly ex-pats who spend their retirement in the hot climates but occasionally miss Britain and get tired of the rocks.

A series of undulating grass landscapes surround this epicentre, creating a rolling hill oasis amongst volcanic rock. The collection of water is rigorous as is the collection of nutrients from the volcanic rock in the site to sustain growth. The building acts as a water capacitor within the cliff, with external framework seemingly abandoned in the landscape as it waits 11 months for the tournament.

The bowlers interact directly with the scheme, where if water is wasted the grass withers, prematurely ending the tournament and transforming the landscape back into its dry, redundant state.

Nick’s third year work was awarded the RIBA Donaldson Medal for highest marked Bartlett undergraduate student and the Fitzroy Robinson drawing prize.

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