Naomi Gibson

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The Conservation Officer

A propositional device pokes and prods the buildings of London’s historic dockyards to interrogate the age and composition of the surrounding buildings. Analysing the age and formal typology of warehouse spaces and historic architectures, the device introduces new insertions into a fragmented historical terrain overcome by yuppie refurbishments and retail developments.

The Bankruptcy Hotel

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is home to a large number of bankrupt families, some through gambling, but most through the tightening of the Casino service industry as a result of the financial crash. The project proposes a community half way house that helps families to get back on their feet providing temporary accommodation and training for new skills. In a subversive edge, the building plays with the culture of the ‘motivational speaker’ where the repeated mantra, self reflection and idealised catchphrase become a guide to the creation of architectural form and the mediation of light conditions, as explored in the technical study.

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