Maggie Lan

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Augmented Histories

The research began by examining the nature of the modern city mediated by technologies as a tableau for the application of new forms of information, that might be considered new types of ornamentation. Imagining a city where the ornament exists as a layer of augmented reality led to a questioning of the role of image and imaging in forming our perception of the city. Exploring ideas of monumentality and alternate histories through a series of comic strips, the project proposes that had certain points of history been tweaked, the architecture of Chicago would have flown in wildly different directions.

The Museum of Obsolescence

Inspired by the fate of the Chicago SunTimes photojournalists, sacked in favour of the iPhone, the museum creates a safe haven for the weird and wonderful artefacts that have since become obsolescent through technological advances. The building itself operates in a perpetual romantic decay designed to itself become obsolescent over time through the consequences of its material decisions and spatial organisations. Built around a still functioning, but abandoned bascule bridge, these two structures would eventually fuse together into one structure celebrating that which has been left behind.

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