Luke Scott

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Reclaiming Hunters Point

In response to the de-gentrification of a site previously known for it’s U.S naval shipyards and ‘blue-collar’ demographic, the project re-appropriates traditional camouflage techniques to avoid satellite detection. By occupying gaps in the new masterplan, the roof is designed to respond to the forecasted staged upgrades of Google Earth’s resolution over the next 5 years. The buildings undergo a process of ‘digital weathering’ in which their presence and the nature of their occupancy is gradually unveiled.

Toxic Weathering: De-contamination Facility & U.S. Navy Debriefing Centre

Treasure Island, an artificial land mass originally constructed for the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition, is threatened by resurfacing of its subterranean nuclear contamination. In a cleanup strategy the building probes the ground, drawing radioactive waste into suspended phyto-gardens, filtering and harvesting the contaminated land. Naval veterans engage in horticultural therapy to acclimatize to civilian life as contaminants trigger controlled throughout the sacrificial architecture.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2011-12