Laurence Blackwell-Thale

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Digital Detox

The idea of a Digital Detox comes from the pervasive influence of technology onto the city today. Through redefining notions of identity or security in the face of these technologies, the project examines how an architecture might be designed to counteract new conditions within the city. The example below is the result of legislation allowing Google to secrete adverts on buildings within Google Streetview. As a result, the city might morph into a territory of ‘ducks’ where companies assert their branding directly through their advertising as the flat plane of the billboard has been subsumed into digitality. This concludes with the design for a ubiquitous building material, the Stealth Brick, which is designed to disrupt
and disengage with the world of networks surrounding it.
Following on, and researching the impact of digital devices on human physiology, the main project, The Heliolithic Community Centre, examines architecture as an interface. Through an articulated roofscape, the surrounding light conditions of Chicago are manipulated through lenses, materials and filters, to create zones of circadian rhythm within the building. The building provides a number of different amenities, all attuned to a particular wavelength of light, and the reactions this causes in a person’s physical and emotional reaction fosters a new sense of community at the block scale of the city.

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