Kacper Chiemelewski

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The project investigates the irregularities of the urban grid. The fog, a landmark of the city, responds to the grid work as it meets the tops of the buildings, covering the city. Sited within streets unaccepted by the grid system, a series of proposals are developed to manipulate the fog and extrude a perfect, supertouristic-image of the orthogonal plan of San Francisco. Aerial view of SF grid with FOG Infrastructure.

Bernal Hill Earthquake Rebirth Arts Centre

After the devastating earthquake in 1906, San Francisco’s arts community brought the city back to life. Sited within an earthquake safe-spot, the proposal provides a private artists’ residence and workspace re-engineering typical seismic structural failures to respond to specific measured tremors. The proposal manipulates the boundary between public and private, modifying the building structure to reveal artwork.


  • Filed under: Student Work 2011-12