Joanne Chen

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The Emergency Actions Training Centre

The scheme for the LAPD sited in Downtown LA is deliberately accessible to the public to build relationships with the city’s community by providing an insight into the rigour of their training techniques. The centre equips police officers with responsive situation awareness by training them through ‘infinitely reconfigurable’ spaces to create unfamiliar situations. The internal spaces are inspired by existing rock gardens in the original ‘SITSIM’ village created in 1975 with help from Universal Studios; a series of static connected facades and internal rooms designed to simulate search scenarios. The dimensions of the reconfigurable props are based on everyday items commonly used as shields or obstacles in hostage situations. The training tower becomes a framework for applying and simulation different material environments, while presenting a fragmented totem to the institution which plays with the large scale of its surroundings.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2012-13