Jarrell Goh

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The Food Rescue Centre

New York is facing a waste management crisis, and currently exports all its solid waste for disposal in neighbouring cities. The city is desperate for solutions to reduce the growing volume of refuse, and has been actively promoting various programmes towards solving the problem.

The project proposes a Food Rescue Centre, wherecommercial food discards are redirected from landfills and made useful. Four nearby supermarkets will provide over 10 tonnes of discarded food products each month. Food that is still good to eat will be served and re-distributed, and the excess stock preserved or composted on-site. The Centre also uses expired food as building material, using the most commonly discarded commercial food items – perishable fruit and vegetables. Certain walls and surfaces are made out of dehydrated vegetable and flour casts, hanging shades are made out of starch plastics, and concrete is stained with extracted fruit dyes.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2014-15