Greg Kythreotis

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Place-hacking the Pedway.

The project examines Chicago’s Pedway, a series of non-contiguous pedestrian access tunnels secreted across the city. Inspired by the 2D/3D slippage present in the mechanics of video games such as Fez and Monument Valley, and the ways in which such games can define architectural experiences, the project proposes territories brought into and out of alignment through animated, spinning drawings.

Finkl, Temple of Steel takes the cult of personality surrounding the family that maintains Chicago’s last industrial forges, and proposes a building that literally elevates and celebrates the processing of steel. Sited on the now defunct Finkl forge – the modern production having moved south – the project takes the existing structures and masterplans them as a cluster of buildings serving the main ceremonial structure.
Dealing with the material in a molten vs. solid state, the project creates an architecture of the consecrate and profane, undergoing a constant reconstructing under the auspice of steel manufacturing techniques. The language of bulkheads, arc furnaces, ceramic channels, and the ubiquitous presence of the arcs of red-hot molten metal create a building that seeks to preserve the memory and personality of the Finkl family through the iconography and spatial ceremonies of the architecture.

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