Francesca Savvides

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Washington Whispers

The project is a political restaurant in the centre of Washington D.C. which attempts to amend lobbyists’ and politicians’ bad reputation whilst critiquing recent lobbying reform acts which infringe on the sociability of lobbying. The restaurant keeps the art of conversation alive by creating a designated space for politicians and lobbyists to dine, whilst including the public in the dialogue through a raised walkway. The acoustics are designed to create an oxymoronic ‘open secret’ with spaces which are either acoustically-transparent and private, or acoustically opaque and public.

The restaurant also tries to change the way people perceive social lobbying by subverting the neoclassical typologies of D.C. to show that the obvious
or established way of doing something is not necessarily the only or right way. This challenges many of the conservative practices of D.C. politics and architecture. The building achieves this by merging aspects of the functionalism of modern design with classical and neoclassical methodologies to ultimately create an honest hybrid, as well as play with the classical symmetry of the D.C. masterplan.

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