Emma Jurczynski

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Noh-ify is a term invented to describe a technique of applying rules and characteristics inspired by the technique of mash carving onto an existing medium. Using protocols of the emotionless Noh mask to explore architectural facades. As Noh actors tilt their heads to make emotions through light and shadow, so the facades communicate emotion through the sun’s passage across the course of a day. These CNC milled masks allow one to become an architectural Noh character.

‘The Hashigakari Noh School’

Sited in Shibuya, the building is based around five elements of Noh performance; acting, instrumental music, chorus, mask carving and costumes and stage-craft. Through its environmental mediations it recreates the traditional open-air Noh stages of Miyajima island, taking the audience back to the origins of Noh.


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