Second Year Selection

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Second Year Selection 2013-14:

A selection of works from second year:

Emma Coulthurst x 2: Creating digital/physical material hybrids using 123D Catch software, allowing a building to have a physical material presence which has a defined relationship to its virtual one, allowing for the creation of distortions between the two.

Matthew Bovingdon-Downe x2: A drive in cinema, where notions of movement and transmission are investigated through composited hand sketches and hybridised drawings.

Lottie Archer: Using photogrammetry scanned graffiti to define the form of a street art archive for Downtown LA. The building uses 3d printed components to create its form.

Christian Georcelin: A centre for start up businesses offset from Pico Boulevard, LA. The roofscape can be manipulated to create faces for advertising, allowing the small businesses to assert a presence towards sports fans on the busy light rail and road routes towards the Staples Cente.

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