Ellie Sampson

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Reproduction Laboratories

The Reproduction Laboratories honour the memory of Richard Nickel, a Chicagoan famous for his heroic rescues of Louis Sullivan ornamentation destined for the wrecking ball. Nickel preserved architecturally significant moments from Chicago’s history, in the face of new economic interests and regulation of the built environment destroying the structure that held them.
By developing a similar architectural approach of fragmentation and significant moments within a field of objects, the project proposes a new wing for the Arts Institute of Chicago, for the preservation and reproduction of architecturally significant fragments.
The following proposal, a Housing Court, draws from the diverse architectural context of Bucktown to create an architecture that almost appears to be in a continual state of construction. By overlaying this onto a site with three postal addresses, yet subservient to the procedures and regiments of the courthouse, the project examines the role of threshold in the function and symbolism of the court, allowing for sound to seep out to and from the surrounding rumbles of the L-train. The project suggests a new architecture for Chicago, where memory, symbol, technology, scale and composition all combine into new typologies of building.

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