Egmontas Geras

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Windows to Williamsburg

The project is a library sited at the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn. Using the existing frontage of the refinery, the project has been explored through a strategy of façade retention and concrete casting. The library operates as a series of ‘shelves’ that hold the storage and reading spaces between them. Using scaled models and digital fabrication, the project explores the process of concrete pouring as an elaborate choreography, where precast elements become funnels and channels for in-situ casting, eventually becoming entombed within the built fabric. The model itself has functioned as a ‘construction site’ for casting with moulds, machined elements and slip-forming rigs – that all combine to frame views into, and out of, Brooklyn’s shoreline.

Egmontas’ third year work was awarded the iGuzzini Lighting Prize for his explorations into architectural atmosphere conducted through rendering and photographic techniques.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2014-15