Dan Scoulding

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Piggy Back Yard Data Hub

The scheme is a new transport hub for Downtown LA comprising a light rail station, office space and data centre. Through the mediation of light and heat across the massive superstructure of the scheme, a complex system of environmental conditions is maintained. The building is designed to respond to the Piggy Back Yard Conceptual Masterplan designed for the Friends of the Los Angeles river, which seeks to re-establish the waterway through breakdown of hard infrastructure and new green riverside developments.

By taking the proposed 125 acre park as the instigator of a future site to come, the project starts to explore the strategy of building a marker, where the particular requirements of space between transport hub, office space and ‘lights-out’ zones of non-human occupation start to mingle together. Exploiting the composition of beams and fins as environmental strategies as well as spatial conditions, the building uses the monumental scale of many of the cities public buildings, but breaks this down to a fine grained mediation of environmental conditions.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2012-13