Charles Dorrance-King

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Occupant CA94105

Triggered by the recent ‘Occupy’ movement, Occupant CA94105 is designed as an independent body to raise awareness by occupying the space above private plazas which otherwise restrict public protest and challenge public authority. The success of the occupant relies on the intensity of any online activity covering campaigns, petitions and coverage on social networks.

SF Federal Credit Union and Community Park

Just as the architecture of many of America’s grand institutions was created from extraneous typologies, the proposal asserts itself as a referenced architecture. Not one of repetition or reproduction, but a deformation of existing typologies taken from the old Chamber of Commerce and other ‘power buildings around SF’s Financial District. The concept of the design is a re-intepretation of old to new, re-configuring the existing building and manipulating existing decor, changing its scale, materiality and function.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2011-12