Brook Lin

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S.F. Expo 2020 Transit Ferry Terminal

In response to the sudden surge in demand on the city’s transportation infrastructure, the project proposes a Ferry Terminal for the anticipated Silicon Valley Expo 2020, serving visitors travelling from the east coast of the Bay Area to the proposed site in Moffett Federal Airfield. The building experiences two conditions; providing temporary pavilions and a semi-permanent landscape for tourists in the spirit of the fair during the 6 month Expo period, woven throughout a permanent ferry terminal, a lasting intervention in the city following the events closure. Each temporary pavilion responds to the influx of passengers, gradually transforming and eventually disassembling as the event draws to a close – the inevitable temporality of the event intrinsic to way people engage with it and its materiality.

Brook’s third year work was awarded the RIBA Donaldson Medal for highest marked Bartlett undergraduate student and the Fitzroy Robinson drawing prize.

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