Ben Mehigan

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Carrie Community and Heritage Centre

The Homestead Steel Works sits inoperative and abandoned; a depreciating industrial relic to Pittsburgh’s defining steel industry. The Carrie Community and Heritage Centre intends to reignite the site as a home for industrial education and community involvement; challenging suburban Pittsburgh’s disassociation with the industries which previously defined them. Located centrally between the townships of Homestead, Whitaker, Braddock, and Rankin, the Centre becomes a catalyst for local social and economic rejuvenation.

The form of the building takes the visitor on a linear subterranean journey through the site; curating the existing furnace components from beneath. Classrooms, a library, and an exhibition space educate the visitor on the steel, iron, and coal industries, while a performance space, a café/bar, and a public park begin to define Carrie as the epicentre for Pittsburgh’s eastern suburban communities. An architecture that respects but defines itself against the complexities of the existing furnace is proposed, creating a unity between the subterranean and exposed spaces.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2014-15