Annecy Attlee

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Kinzie Cabin Collective

The Kinzie Cabin Collective proposes an architecture that sits as the driver for a new collective approach to the homeless community around Kinzie Street in Chicago. Responding to the elevated rail of the L-Train running above the site that currently serves as a rain screen, the project proposes to use the existing infrastructure as a structural anchor to build a model for a community driven project that brings trade, skills and accommodation into this deprived area of Chicago. The creation of living units and market stalls not only provides skills in tradesmanships for the local residents, but also starts to build a new collective community around the elevated tracks of the L train – turning the ‘launching’ of each pod into a public event.

Exploring the ways in which each unit can be adaptable, both as a space for living, as a place to get back on one’s feet and obtain an address, but as a pedagogic architecture where the construction and modification of these units allows for the development of skills and hopefully increased employability.
Through emphasising the relationship to the infrastructure – not only of the L – but also the old goods rail running through the site, and the material combinations that may arise through this, the project proposes that Kinzie street will become a new form of urban hub bridging together the undermined community through a series of architectural events.

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