Aikawa Mok

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‘Meido Dance House’.

A dance school for Butoh, a form of contemporary Japanese dance that emphasises non-Western aesthetics, taboo subjects and bizarre settings. Sited in westernised Roppongi the building becomes an embodiment of the seven trials of Meido – the Buddhist ‘purgatory’. It is designed through a series of choreographic and symbolic transcriptions of the trials of Meido. These trials are translated into articulated spaces to create an architecture that frames and augments the body in different ways as a physical manifestation of Butoh.


The project explores the four rituals performed in Shinto religion through an architectural videogame produced in Unity. These rituals relate to purification procedures, children’s festivals, funerals and marriages. The game takes the player into the interior of a ‘seisen-bako’ the offering boxes present at every shine, where they operate as a religious token within the space, trying to overcome challenges as a purification procedure.

  • Filed under: Student Work 2015-16